Height: 710 metres / 2329 feet Grid reference: NY 29622 32985 Category: The Northern Fells

The summit of Knott, looking to High Pike and Carrock Fell

The summit of Knott, looking to High Pike and Carrock Fell

Uldale Fells

Start point: Longlands (NY 266 358)

Longlands – Brae Fell – Little Sca Fell – Great Sca Fell  – Knott  Lowthwaite Fell  Longlands Fell – Longlands

Distance: 6.3 miles     Total Ascent: 609 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours 20 minutes     Start Time: 10:45

Weather: Sunny spells with a cold wind. 6°C

The prediction was for rain and strong winds today but it looked clear further north so I headed to Longlands to walk some of the Uldale Fells. The high fells have a fresh dusting of snow and even these ‘Back o’ Skiddaw’ fells had some lying on the tops. The wind was biting though and the skies to the west looked threatening throughout the walk.

The Uldale Fells

Start point: Longlands (NY 266 358)

Longlands – Brae Fell (484) – Little Sca FellGreat Sca Fell Knott Frozen Fell Burn Tod – Trusmadoor – Great Cockup Meal Fell Lowthwaite Fell (485) Longlands Fell (486) – Longlands

Distance: 9.75 miles     Total Ascent: 970 metres     Time Taken: 3 hours 45 minutes

Weather: Very windy with showers. 16oC.

What a day! I passed through major rainstorms throughout the central Lake District to find it fairly clear behind Skiddaw. The tail end of Hurricane Gordon hit while we were up there today though, with very high winds and showers. Although it is usually relatively easy going, the fells being grassy and most unlike other fells in Lakeland, today the wind made the going much tougher.

The Uldale fells are known as ‘The Back o’ Skiddaw’ and are on the northernmost boundary of the Lake District. They certainly are off the beaten track and we completed this circuit without even catching sight of a single soul.

Back O’ Skiddaw

Start point: Bowscale (NY 358 317)

Bowscale – Bowscale Tarn East Top on Bowscale Fell (387) Bowscale Fell (388) The Tongue (389) Bannerdale Crags (390) Blencathra Mungrisdale Common – Cloven Stone – Lonscale Pike (391) Lonscale Fell (392) Jenkin Hill (393) Skiddaw Lesser Man (394) Skiddaw Little Man (395) Skiddaw Bakestall – Whitewater Dash – Little Calva (396) Knott Coomb Height (397) Little Lingy Hill (398) Great Lingy Hill (399) Hare Stones (400) High Pike (401) Miton Hill (402) Round Knott (403) Carrock Fell (404) – Mungrisdale – Bowscale

Distance: 25.8 miles     Total Ascent: 2447 metres     Time Taken: 10 hours 50 minutes

Weather: Sunny and warm with a slight breeze. 25°C.

Today’s walk was a long circuit of the quiet fells known as ‘The Back o’ Skiddaw’. The weather was very pleasant, not as hot and muggy as it has been recently with a slight, welcome, cooling breeze. The views were absolutely superb at times and I was glad I chose today to do this long walk. The only problem was I forgot my food and 26 miles is a long way without any fuel…


Uldale fells

Start point: Orthwaite (NY 253 337)

Orthwaite – Orthwaite Bank (162) – Little Cockup (163) – Great Cockup (164) – Trusmadoor – Meal Fell (165) – Little Sca Fell (166) – Great Sca Fell (167) – Knott (168) – Frozen Fell (169) – Burn Tod (170) – Orthwaite

Weather: Wind and rain.

A walk around The Uldale Fells today at the ‘Back O’ Skiddaw’. This area is a real wilderness and in the main the fells are grassy hummocks. A place of solitude, I didn’t see another soul today.