I was up early again today to catch the sunrise and it was well worth it to see the beautiful rising sun across a temperature inversion. Once above the haze layer the air was very clear – a fantastic and memorable day to be out on the fells.


The blue skies of the early morning gave way to a rather more leaden one and it was one of those ‘never above freezing’ days today. Skiddaw was quiet with hardly anyone around (although I did bump into the current second on the GtF leader board Jon and Hils) and although a different sort of day to the Blencathra one I enjoyed last week, the winter skies were a treat and there were some fantastic views from up there today


Today the weather was a lot better than yesterday and the sun was trying to burn through the haze and cloud most of the morning. My original intention was to go to Blencathra but I soon changed my mind when I saw the stubborn cloud on the top and Skiddaw looked a better bet with its wispy cloud which looked as though it would disappear at some point. It was noticeable how busy all the walking areas seemed to be today too, perhaps it is an indication that winter truly is over and the promise of better weather has brought people back to the area. We were recognised on Lonscale Fell today by a couple of Striding Edge fans and it was good to stop and have a chat for a while.

Skiddaw Forest

After the sunshine and blue skies of the last few days, the clouds were hanging ominously over Skiddaw when I set off for a circuit of Skiddaw Forest from Gale Road this morning. From Lonscale Fell onwards, I was in the clouds with Skiddaw being windswept and cold as it so often is. The main objective today was Great Calva as I completed my second recorded set of 214 Wainwright fells on it. I haven’t been actively pursuing that goal and it has taken me 3 years to get round them all again.

Back O’ Skiddaw

Today’s walk was a long circuit of the quiet fells known as ‘The Back o’ Skiddaw’. The weather was very pleasant, not as hot and muggy as it has been recently with a slight, welcome, cooling breeze. The views were absolutely superb at times and I was glad I chose today to do this long walk. The only problem was I forgot my food and 26 miles is a long way without any fuel…