Greenup Round

I wanted to do a decent walk today as it feels like ages since I have been on a long one…

Greenup Round

It started of brightly enough today but the clouds were soon rolling in and the wind was once again mighty cold. There was some fresh snow visible on High Crag showing just how cold it was and the going to Ullscarf from Dock Tarn was made that bit tougher by the boggy going underfoot.

Greenup Horseshoe

It was yet again hazy and rather grey this morning for a walk around the Greenup skyline yet there were still some great views from these central fells. The route up to Ullscarf can only be recommended for the increasingly improving view on the way up but not the terrain which is rough, pathless and boggy. The descent from Eagle Crag though was better than the climb up I found – it’s a steep one, that!


Today’s walk is a round of Ullscarf – a remote and mainly pathless area which is mainly grassland. The weather was brighter than could have been expected with the sun making the odd appearance and no rain; cloud was prevalent above 500m.