Riggindale Round

It was beautiful this morning, very still and sunny and it was pleasantly warm climbing Rough Crag but as soon as I got to the High Street plateau it was covered with cloud which made it feel a lot cooler. It was a great day for it though and we were in total solitude throughout with just deer and sheep for company.

Mardale Round

It was sunny and bright first thing this morning with hardly a cloud in the sky – fantastic conditions for a walk around Mardale Head. Once up to High Street, the clouds came in and made it all a bit flat and I felt in hindsight it might have been better walking anti-clockwise…but then again, who knows? You never can tell what the weather will do.

Riggindale Round

I nearly never bothered today, it was wet and miserable first thing this morning but a chance hearing of the weather report on the radio made me get out as it was supposedly brightening during the day. I could hardly believe my luck as I reached Mardale, for the sun was shining and the skies were blue. This was a really enjoyable round (helped by the weather of course!) taking the direct route to High Street via Rough Crag, walking along the Roman Road, trying and failing to spot the Riggindale Golden Eagles and finishing off on the ancient British Fort on Castle Crag above Haweswater.

Mardale Skyline

This is the start of my quest to climb the 541 Birkett Fells!