Grisedale Horseshoe

I was up early this morning to make the most of the expected good weather to come for the day. I wasn’t disappointed and it turned into a fantastic and memorable day on the fells with incredible clarity and an inversion over the Lake District as well. When I set off from Patterdale this morning (in the dark!), the temperature gauge was showing -1C but once the sun rose it was really warm and I ended up completing the walk in shirt sleeves.

Striding Edge

It was a bit wintry to say the least today. The climb up to and across Striding Edge was quite clear but with plenty of soft, fresh snow around. As soon as I hit the top of Helvellyn, the clouds came down and made the views non-existent. From then on, there was all sorts of weather – rain, sleet, snow, hail – you name it! Still, it was nice to get in the snow again. It certainly makes a change from the somewhat damper weather we have had recently.

Pinnacle Ridge

Another fine and warm day today for a climb up to Saint Sunday Crag using a new route (for me) to the summit, Pinnacle Ridge, a serious and quite challenging technical grade 3 scramble.


Patterdale – Birkhouse Moor (140) – Striding Edge – HelvellynNethermost Pike (141) – Dollywaggon Pike (142) – Seat Sandal (143) FairfieldCofa PikeSaint Sunday CragBirks – Patterdale