Helvellyn Sunrise

Start point: Wythburn (NY 324 136)

Wythburn – Birk Side – Nethermost Pike – High Crag  Dollywaggon Pike   Seat Sandal – Wythburn

Distance: 8 miles    Total Ascent: 1042 metres     Time Taken: 5 hours 30 minutes     Start Time: 06:30

Temperature      5 ℃ 
Felt like        5 ℃
Wind Speed       1.3 mi/h
Wind Direction   ENE

Regular followers of this site over the years will know I like a sunrise walk and particularly at this time of year up to Helvellyn. All the conditions looked to be good for a decent sunrise today so I felt compelled to go for it, and I am mighty glad I did as it was absolutely fantastic up there. Previously all my December walks up there have been memorably cold but this time it was not so bad. Of course you never know what the conditions are really going to be like walking up in the dark but the view of the inversion to the east when nearing the top was fabulous and I knew I was in for a treat from that moment.

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  1. Jan Mašek says

    Whoa, I’ve never seen so amazing one morning’s haul. One theme, still great diversity, every picture is exquisite. Unbelievable.
    Thanks, Honza

  2. says

    Magical! What a treat to be there and see that inversion. Love the images, especially the peak of Catstycam and Striding Edge peeking out. The first of the two images of Fletcher sat watching the view pulled at the heart strings 🙂

    • site_admin says

      Thanks Jeanie, yes it was a special treat indeed to witness that sunrise and inversion. It’s a big world for little Fletcher!

  3. says

    Catching up post Christmas – great walk and lovely views. Whilst you in the north were all enjoying cloud inversions and blue sky pre-Christmas we here in the Peak District were stuck in a grey fog for days on end. Finally saw blue sky and sun post Christmas

    Looking forward to us both getting our websites full with many more walks in 2022.

  4. Mitchell says

    Insane pictures!

    I think I was there on the same day, topped out of striding as the sun was rising.
    Looking forward to some nice inversions this year, fingers crossed!

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