Hesk Fell

It was sunny and warm when I left the car this afternoon for a short walk up to Hesk Fell – that changed within 200 yards to heavy rain, which lasted for virtually the rest of the walk – so that meant we got a real soaking! A good walk for Casper’s steep learning curve to become a fell walking maestro this one – we encountered a stream crossing (not good, but he’ll learn), fences (not good, but he’ll learn), a ladder stile (you’ve guessed it) and sheep (okay on this one, thankfully!).

Hesk Fell

Now that is BST, I had a late evening walk up to Hesk Fell, which is a featureless pudding basin between the Duddon and Esk valleys, and then to The Pike which is more interesting due to the views of the Duddon Valley lying steeply below.

This walk is the one described in Wainwright’s Hesk Fell chapter in his book ‘The Outlying Fells of Lakeland’, page 140 with the addition of lots of electric fences!

Whitfell Group

Weather: Dull and overcast with hill fog and sunny spells.