Thornthwaite Crag

Height: 784 metres / 2572 feet Grid reference: NY 43154 10039 Category: The Far Eastern Fells

sometimes referred to as Thornthwaite Beacon, instantly recognisable by the large summit column.

Kentmere Horseshoe

The good weather certainly deserted me this morning and the walk from Kentmere to the top of the Garburn Pass was completed in pouring rain. The weather improved by drying up but the tops were shrouded in mist throughout the walk, although the sun did have a good attempt at trying to burn through but never quite made it. There were no views and no other people around today.

Hayeswater Circuit

I managed to get over Kirkstone Pass this morning even though it was pretty icy again. This is the fourth walk in a row in the same area, I guess I am just drawn over that way at the moment for some reason. The weather prediction was for great clarity today and it was indeed clear all morning, but the sun did not quite manage to get through the cloud although there were some quite amazing skies over the snowy fells.

Kentmere Horseshoe

Another fine and sunny day! It was even colder than ever in the valley this morning as temperatures struggled to get above zero – once up onto the fells however, it was really quite warm again in the sun. Only Casper for company today; Angus had a day off for a good sleep after the previous few days excursions!

The Kentmere Horseshoe

The day started off brightly for today’s long Kentmere Horseshoe walk with the grey clouds gathering by lunchtime and taking the edge off the fine views. There is still plenty of snow on the tops although it was warmer than of late. This is a fine round with great views in all directions.

High Street

Another walk chosen by my 13 year old son today, principally to take in some wildlife; the promise of wild ponies on Thornthwaite Crag, a Golden Eagle over Riggindale and deer in the Martindale Deer Forest spurring him into action. Of course, there was also the lure of walking in the footsteps of Roman soldiers across High Street.

Hard Knott

Hard Knott Roman Fort – Hard Knott (25) – Hard Knott Pass