Blawith Fells

The weather was completely odd in the south west Lakes this morning – when I set off it was cold and clear with an inversion over Coniston Water but I was soon overtaken by higher level cloud which was constantly clearing then dropping down again. At one point it started raining as well and you couldn’t tell what it would be like from one minute to the next. It was good to get out on a walk today though – it is Casper’s 7th birthday today, so Happy Birthday to him!

Beacon Fell

This morning was lovely and clear with wall to wall blue sky…by the time I eventually made it out all that was gone and had been replaced by quite thick, grey cloud. There was the odd sunny spell but nothing like earlier conditions and I managed a quick walk up to Beacon Fell which turned out to be a muddy and squelchy one too.

Woodland Fell

After being ill this week, I was just about stir crazy today – as indeed were Angus and Casper! This was a gentle walk which allowed us to get some fresh air without unnecessary exertion. The views today were virtually non-existent, firstly the haze smothered everything and later the rain came to finalise it. I really like it round here though, and it’s certainly quiet and tranquil – only a distant group of people across Beacon Tarn broke the solitude today.

Woodland Fell

Today’s walk is over little known and little frequented Woodland Fell which lies between Torver and Broughton. It is a lovely secluded place, very quiet, with great views to the Coniston fells in clear weather. Today, the weather was not kind with constant drizzle and grey skies – it felt like November, not June! Here is a snippet of how A.Wainwright described Woodland Fell ‘….the walk here described is a connoisseurs piece, every step an uninhibited joy, every corner a delight. No footmarks, no litter…’. I must say I agree with him.

This walk follows Wainwright’s Woodland Fell chapter in his book ‘The Outlying Fells of Lakeland’, page 102.

Woodland Fell

A short walk today following Wainwright’s Woodland Fell chapter in his book ‘The Outlying Fells of Lakeland’, page 102. This is a very quiet area indeed – a good place to get away from it all. Woodland Fell is the area covered in the walk, not actually the name of a fell; the summits visited are named Yew Bank and Wool Knott