Rannerdale Round

Start point: Rannerdale Bridge (NY 163 192)

Rannerdale Bridge – Lad Hows (534) Grasmoor Crag Hill WandopeThirdgill Head Man Whiteless Pike – Whiteless Breast – Low Bank – Rannerdale Knotts – Rannerdale Bridge

Distance: 7.5 miles     Total Ascent: 1080 metres     Time Taken: 3 hours 30 minutes

Weather: Dull with showers. 19ºC.

There were two reasons to come to Buttermere today – to walk the Lad Hows ridge to Grasmoor and to see the Rannerdale Bluebells out in force. A third reason was that it has been warm and sunny all week, surely there would be more of the same today, or would there? I thought so as I headed off in shorts and tee shirt with plenty of sun block on…

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