Gummer’s How

Start Point: Gummer’s How Car Park (SD 390 877)Gummer’s How Car Park – Gummer’s How (OF) – Gummer’s How Car Park

Start Time: 10:35

Weather: Clear                 
Temperature     4 ℃  
Feels like        0℃ 
Wind Speed      10.3 mi/h 
Wind Direction  N
Humidity          87%

It was a lot colder today than it has been during the rest of November, a real shock to the system but with the cold weather came clear skies.

Connie came home this weekend as a surprise visit from Manchester and really wanted to get out for a walk to her favourite fell, Gummer’s How, so how could I resist that one? It really was fantastic conditions up there today with a biting wind on the top. There was a long procession of people going that way as well such is its popularity and of course it is a relatively easy walk. Great to get the old team together once more!

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  1. Ian says

    Amazing photos as always Sean. So good to see your return to We have missed you.

  2. John Sherwood says

    Great to have you back again! I’ve so missed seeing your walks. Although Lesley and I made it to Hawkshead for our usual fortnight in June and October my walking was curtailed with a hernia. Just got it sorted in hospital and now hopefully will be ready to go again on our usual New Year break and get in some good walks again. Lots planned for the New Year!

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