Great End via Skew Gill

Start point: Wasdale Head (NY 186 084)

Wasdale Head – Moses Trod – Skew Gill – The Band – Great End Ill Crag Broad Crag Scafell Pike – Lingmell Col – Lingmell – Wasdale Head

Distance: 7.8 miles     Total Ascent: 1115 metres     Time Taken: 5 hours 15 minutes

Weather: Sunny spells, warm. 12oC.

Some walks are pretty and some are easier than others but today’s walk is best described as a gnarled and hard going. I climbed Skew Gill to reach Great End and that was a hard scramble (Note: to repeat, Skew Gill is a hard scramble and in no way is it a ‘walk’) and had a look at Cust’s Gully before climbing Great End and walking the Scafell Pikes. It was really quite pleasant at times too, warm and spring like and not too many people about either.

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