Start point: Colthouse (SD 360 988)

Latterbarrow (OFfrom Colthouse

Distance: 1.5 miles     Total Ascent: 143 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour

Weather: Sunny and bright, gradually getting overcast with snow flurries.

It was a lovely clear morning this morning so we had a family trek up to another great viewpoint with small stature, Latterbarrow which is situated just outside Hawkshead. The large obelisk on the summit of Latterbarrow is clearly visible from Hawkshead and it makes an inviting target. As we walked, the snow clouds gathered overhead and gave us a few flurries.

Latterbarrow is described in Wainwright’s Latterbarrow chapter in his book ‘The Outlying Fells of Lakeland’, page 84.

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