Beacon Fell

Start point: At the end of the minor road from Brown Howe (SD 281 916)

Beacon Fell (OF) from Tottle Bank

Distance: 2 miles     Total Ascent: 200 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours

Weather: Gloomy with a raw, strong wind. 3oC.

Firstly, regarding Monday’s walk, I was shocked to see that a canoeist had been killed on the River Crake that day. We were watching them between Lowick Bridge and Spark Bridge on the rapid and swollen river prior to the final photo on the walk page, which is timed at 2.15pm on the data file. The unfortunate accident occurred at 3pm, not too long after we left.

Today’s walk was a bit of a non-starter for Connie. She wanted to check that the treasure tin we hid back in October on the top of Beacon Fell was still there, but the wind was far too strong and bitter for her to continue all the way to the top. Reluctantly Louise, Connie and Angus turned back half way whilst Casper and I checked out the summit. These photos are to show that it is not always sunny and clear in the Lake District, as the walks in the run up to Christmas and the 2007 retrospective may have suggested!

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