Loughrigg Fell

Start point: Rydal (NY 365 062)

Rydal – Loughrigg Cave Loughrigg Fell – Rydal

Distance: 3 miles     Total Ascent: 280 metres    Time Taken: 1 hour 30 minutes

Weather: Snow. Dull and overcast. 3°C

The snow was down to a low level this morning but conditions were pretty gloomy with a lot of low lying, menacing looking clouds around. I had a walk up to Loughrigg Fell but instead of doing a circuit, I did a straight up and down route from the cave. The conditions at the summit were pretty grim with a strong wind and plenty of cloud cover. All the photos are pretty monochromatic today, but that’s part of the beauty of seeing the Lake District at different times of the year isn’t it?

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