Sharp Edge

Start point: Scales (NY 349 272)

Scales – Sharp Edge – Blencathra (Atkinson Pike – Hallsfell Top – Gategill Fell – Blease Fell – Doddick Fell – Scales Fell) – Scales

Distance: 6 miles     Total Ascent: 800 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours 30 minutes

Weather: Mainly sunny and clear with high cloud. 3°C.

More fine and sunny weather today for a walk up to Blencathra over Sharp Edge. Sharp Edge itself was quite tricky on the difficult slabs today due to the icy frosting, so it was a case of treading with care. Casper managed it too, he did well – Angus continued his much needed R and R at home in the warmth! (NOTE: Just because I took a dog over Sharp Edge in winter conditions, it doesn’t mean that every dog, or every person for that matter, would be able to do it. As I left Scales today, the Keswick Mountain Rescue team passed me with lights and sirens ablaze – I hope it was nothing too serious).

Later Note: Check out this link; At the moment the latest rescue is 7th February….on Sharp Edge!) – Keswick MRT

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