Blea Rigg via Whitegill Crag

What a fantastic morning, the sky and light were excellent today and it was a great day to try out a scramble up to Blea Rigg using the Whitegill Crag ravine.

Blea Rigg

This wasn’t where I intended to go today but in the northern half of the Lakes, over Dunmail Raise it was raining heavily and continued to do so all morning. Back at Grasmere it was also raining when I set off but it soon cleared with the clouds swirling on and off the high fells leaving behind a fresh carpet of snow on them. The backdrop to today’s walk was the sound of the hunt – the horn, the shouts and the dogs. I think Dougal and Casper quite fancied joining in!

Easedale Circuit

Today I met up with Andy Lang nice and early for a walk around Easedale and up onto High Raise, the centre of the Lake District. It was very clear this morning but the best of the sunshine was early on and once up onto High Raise the wind was icy. On the way up to Grasmere, all the stretches of water I passed were covered in a thick blanket of mist – here comes winter.

Blea Rigg

The cobwebs were well and truly blown off today for my first long walk of the year. It was good to get out again, even though I knew the weather was not going to be the best. It was more than a bit blustery at times, but at least I never got wet on the deserted central fells today!

Silver How

Today’s walk was a damp traverse of the Langdale Edge and Silver How; the cloud was so low that there was no chance of a decent view today from the tops except for a brief clearing of the cloud towards the end of the walk.

Grasmere Epic

A raw and bitterly cold day, icy wind on the tops with lots of snow.