Caudale Moor

This certainly wasn’t a route I had in mind today but when I got over Kirkstone Pass this morning, the descent was littered with stuck cars on the icy road. I certainly had a hairy moment or two going down there but managed to avoid a collision and hastily turned round and went back the way I came. The fells to the east of Kirkstone Pass looked quite clear so I thought I would walk over Caudale Moor but I guess the walk was always going to be a strange route, there being no other obvious route of return. Those who know the Lake District know how changeable the weather can be and today was no exception with it changing seemingly by the minute.

Threshthwaite Horseshoe

I didn’t know what to expect today, I certainly didn’t expect any clear photos as it was raining so much! As I went over Kirkstone Pass, there was a certain amount of clarity around Hartsop, so that’s what I settled on. The clouds were hanging around in thick layers in the valleys but eventually it lifted to cover the tops and the highest part of the walk was completed in the mist.