High Pike

‘Caldbeck fells are worth all England else’ so the saying goes…

High Pike (Caldbeck)

Height: 658 metres / 2159 feet Grid reference: NY 31873 35002 Category: The Northern Fells

High Pike is the highest of the group of fells known as ‘The Back o’ Skiddaw’.
‘Caldbeck fells are worth all England else’…so it says on the viewpoint indicator on […]

High Pike

Today I was joined by Robin for a walk up to Carrock Fell and High Pike and the weather wasn’t looking too clever early on this morning when it was absolutely bucketing down with rain. We held off the start for a little while and found the best of the weather anywhere in the Lakes I think for this good, if squelchy, round of the Caldbeck Fells.

High Pike

It started off bright enough this morning but once on Rake Trod, the wind really picked up and almost immediately it started snowing. The arctic conditions were predicted this weekend but it came as a shock to the system nevertheless. I normally run warm when I am out but I was chilled to the bone today, so I wonder what the wind chill factor was?

Back O’ Skiddaw

Today’s walk was a long circuit of the quiet fells known as ‘The Back o’ Skiddaw’. The weather was very pleasant, not as hot and muggy as it has been recently with a slight, welcome, cooling breeze. The views were absolutely superb at times and I was glad I chose today to do this long walk. The only problem was I forgot my food and 26 miles is a long way without any fuel…