Riggindale Round

It was beautiful this morning, very still and sunny and it was pleasantly warm climbing Rough Crag but as soon as I got to the High Street plateau it was covered with cloud which made it feel a lot cooler. It was a great day for it though and we were in total solitude throughout with just deer and sheep for company.

Martindale Round

Today I was joined by StridingEdge stalwarts Andy Lang and Gary Jones for a circuit of Martindale. The occasion was to take in my final two Wainwrights to complete my third time round them, namely Beda Fell and High Raise. After the early mist lifted, the sun shone making it a great end to the walk and of course to completion of the 642!

Hayeswater Circuit

I managed to get over Kirkstone Pass this morning even though it was pretty icy again. This is the fourth walk in a row in the same area, I guess I am just drawn over that way at the moment for some reason. The weather prediction was for great clarity today and it was indeed clear all morning, but the sun did not quite manage to get through the cloud although there were some quite amazing skies over the snowy fells.

Rest Dodd

It was a bit of an unplanned walk today; I didn’t really know where I was going until I got there and I only ended up at Hartsop due to roadworks at Troutbeck ‘forcing’ me over Kirkstone Pass rather than sitting in a lengthy queue. As it turned out, I was glad I went over that way as there were some decent sunny spells and still a bit of lingering snow even though it was quite warm – all in all a rather pleasant days walking.

The Nab

I thought we might be up in the snow today, but that has all gone apart from a smattering on the highest fells; today it was cold but the precipitation was rain. The day started off promising enough but soon ended up being a bit miserable. We managed to catch sight of a distant herd of Red Deer in Martindale Deer Forest which was a nice sight, but I don’t think Angus and Casper were too bothered.

High Street

Another walk chosen by my 13 year old son today, principally to take in some wildlife; the promise of wild ponies on Thornthwaite Crag, a Golden Eagle over Riggindale and deer in the Martindale Deer Forest spurring him into action. Of course, there was also the lure of walking in the footsteps of Roman soldiers across High Street.

Hard Knott

Hard Knott Roman Fort – Hard Knott (25) – Hard Knott Pass