Stickle Pike

Start point: Kiln Bank Cross (SD 215 933)

Kiln Bank Cross – Stickle Tarn – Stickle Pike (OF) Kiln Bank Cross

Distance: 1 mile     Total Ascent: 105 metres     Time Taken: 40 minutes

Weather: Sunny spell, breezy on top. 20C.

The schools have now finished and Connie only has eight weeks left to occupy herself! We decided to walk up Stickle Pike on this first day of the holidays and it was really sunny and warm when we set off in the car. All that had changed though by the time we made it to Kiln Bank Cross and all thoughts of a swim or a paddle went out of the window with the strong breeze that was blowing across the fells. It’s always a good one, though, is Stickle Pike with fab views all around.

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