Holme Fell

Start Point: Hodge Close (NY 315 016)

Holme Fell from Hodge Close

Distance: 2.6 miles     Total Ascent: 165 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour     Start Time: 09:50


Temperature      -1 ℃ 
Felt like        -4 ℃
Wind Speed       6.4 mi/h
Wind Direction   NNW

It was looking like it would be another fantastic day today so I made time to get to seek out some fresh air and climb the diminutive Holme Fell. It is always enjoyable up here and one I have visited a fair few times over the years. One thing I did notice since I last climbed is how clear the paths up there are now compared to how they were, which I guess proves how popular this fell has become recently. Another observation was that around the summit there was evidence of a fair few camp fires, something I have not seen there before.

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