As I passed through Ambleside In could see the blood red sky to the south east catching me. As I went through Keswick, I could see a lovely inversion forming over Derwent Water but I managed to press on regardless despite these fantastic condition to head for Buttermere. I was rewarded with the shot I wanted across early morning Buttermere and then a walk in absolute clarity on the north western fells, taking in Grasmoor by the direct route from Lanthwaite Green – a steep one and not for the faint hearted. As Wainwright described it ‘On the whole, however, the climb is probably less difficult than the North Wall of the Eiger’!

Coledale Round

A heat wave was predicted for today and continuing over the weekend – well, it was indeed pretty warm but there was plenty of cloud cover around all morning with it only clearing (predictably) when I reached the end of the walk. It was a pleasant round though, not too warm and I was out early enough to miss most of the crowds that were sure to be out later.

Rannerdale Round

There were two reasons to come to Buttermere today – to walk the Lad Hows ridge to Grasmoor and to see the Rannerdale Bluebells out in force. A third reason was that it has been warm and sunny all week, surely there would be more of the same today, or would there? I thought so as I headed off in shorts and tee shirt with plenty of sun block on…

Coledale Round

It was certainly a day of two halves today – the ascent to Grisedale Pike was done under dull skies with an increasingly cold wind that lasted until the descent of Sail when the skies ahead suddenly started clearing to reveal blue skies and sunshine. It wasn’t quite what we had last week, but I wasn’t complaining – it could have been much worse.

Coledale Horseshoe

Today’s walk takes in a circuit of the Coledale Fells. The weather conditions didn’t look too promising from the valley, but it wasn’t so bad considering. The snowy, wintery conditions made a pleasant change from the recent downpours.