Carl Side

I didn’t really know where I was going to end up when I set off this morning and this was very much a dynamic walk. I intended going up to Skiddaw but I ended up going in the opposite direction and just making my mind up as I walked. The unusual descent is not really recommended unless you are in a rush and I could not resist squeezing Dodd in at the end of the walk. How I found my way through the woods below Dodd I’ll never know but as it turned out the navigation was spot on!

Skiddaw & The Edges

This is a great way to reach Skiddaw, walking along The Edge and Longside Edge culminating in the steep, slate path cutting diagonally across the western face of Skiddaw – but it was not so great today as the weather was pretty atrocious!


Today’s walk is to Skiddaw via The Edge and Longside Edge – a really great route of ascent. The weather worsened throughout the walk and crampons were required for the steep ascent to Skiddaw. Once on the top, the blizzard whipped up and there was a complete white-out.

Longside Edge

A gloomy day, the cloud base being at a very low level, so no good views today unfortunately.