Blea Rigg via Whitegill Crag

What a fantastic morning, the sky and light were excellent today and it was a great day to try out a scramble up to Blea Rigg using the Whitegill Crag ravine.

Langdale Circuit

The Langdales were oh so cold today but it was great to be out in winter conditions again. The freeze thaw cycle had made some places quite treacherous, the path to Stickle Tarn was especially so and required spikes to safely climb

The Langdales

The snow in Cumbria has been well documented with plenty being dumped on the coast – inland there is still a lot around but the roads are mainly clear. Up on high, the strong winds have made the snow drifts very deep – waist deep in many places today.

High Raise

It was very quiet up on the fells today, I hardly saw a soul all morning. The weather was ever improving with sunshine and loveliness all around by the end of the walk.

The Langdale Pikes

The weather took a turn for the worse as I climbed alongside Stickle Ghyll this morning and became really wintry on the climb to Harrison Stickle. Backed by a strong wind is was a proper winter’s day with the weather changing minute by minute. There were fleeting clear spells which were magical, but I really enjoyed every step of today’s walk – weather and all.

The Langdale Pikes

What a day after the heavy snow in the south Lakes yesterday, the sun was shining for most of the time and the snow was powder perfect. I had a walk with StridingEdge stalwart Andy Lang around the Langdale Pikes and it was quiet up there – we only saw a few fellow walkers from afar today. Over on St Sunday, the big news is that there was an avalanche at the top of Pinnacle Ridge which required a rescue.

Jack’s Rake

The schools are back…and so am I! It was a great feeling to be back out on the high fells again after a busy summer and what has felt like an age. The weather turned up trumps too with almost perfect conditions at the start of the walk and Stickle Tarn was at its best being mirror finished.

Note: This walk involves the awkward (for walkers) Jack’s Rake. Today I took Casper up there with me because I knew he could manage it okay; he is a Bearded Collie and they are bred to be on this type of terrain and he took it all in his stride.
Just because I went up there with my dog, it does not mean that any dog (or human for that matter) will be able to manage it – you have been warned!

The Langdale Pikes

The early bird caught the worm this morning! We were up at the crack of dawn today for a circuit of The Langdale Pikes. Setting off in the rain, I didn’t hold out much hope for any dry weather but fortunately it wasn’t too long before the skies cleared somewhat, although elsewhere – notably over to Bow Fell and the Coniston fells – the clouds remained down for most of the time during the morning.

The Langdale Pikes

When Angus (the ‘lost boy’ – kept a close eye on him today!), Casper and I set off from the New Dungeon Ghyll, it was quite murky but surprisingly warm. The sun threatened to break through the clouds all morning and eventually did for spells. Casper was recognised (from 1000 yards I think!) on Loft Crag by Chris and Lin, up in the area for a weeks holiday and it was nice to bump into someone who visits this website. Previously I have said I wouldn’t take Angus up on the high fells again, but how could I resist? He loves it up there…

The Langdale Pikes

A return visit to old favourites The Langdale Pikes today – it’s a little while since I’ve done them so this round made a nice change today. With it being Easter soon, this area becomes very busy so I thought I’d better get out while the place was virtually deserted…

The Langdale Pikes

This is it – the first walk posted on (actual posting date was 31st January 2004 when the idea was made into reality!)